Have you ever thought about how many hours there are in a working day? I mean how many clients could you realistically fit into your week?

You see, your income is limited by how much time you have in a week.

I know you may be thinking that this doesn’t apply to you because you run Bootcamps and group training sessions.

But here’s the deal….

I’m going to be blunt here….You are still trapped by your business!

What happens to your clients if you want to go away on holiday?
What happens if you get the flu and are knocked out for the week.

I don’t think your clients are going to pay you while you are absent are they?

As a personal trainer, you only get paid if you show up.

You are bound, gagged and hogtied to your business in what I call the Time-For-Money Trap!

I bet your thinking that you could always hire other personal trainers to train your clients for you….We’ve been there and done that! We had over dozens of personal trainers working for us, training our clients all over Australia and New Zealand in our PT business.

Truth is, most PT’s became a personal trainer to be their own boss and have the lifestyle of setting their own hours. When you hire a trainer to train your clients, they are the ones who build the relationship with the clients.

At some stage (And it will happen, guaranteed!) your loyal trainer is going to think, “Why is my boss charging this client $100/session and I’m only getting paid $40? Let me train this client on the side and charge $60”.

Sooner or later you will be cut out of the equation!

This is why there is a major fundamental flaw in the traditional Personal Training Business model.

Nobody talks about this as they probably want to sell you their high level coaching on how to get more clients!

In reality having more clients, more trainers and more employees can become a real pain in the butt resulting in more stress and less time for yourself to enjoy life!

Imagine it’s the New Year and it’s the 1st of January and you just found out that you only have exactly 1 year left to live on this planet what would you do?

1 year is only 52 weeks. That means you’ve only got 1 more summer left. You only have one more winter left you only have 52 weeks to experience everything in life you’ve put off for that elusive “Some Day”. Someday I will travel, someday I will go to Europe, someday…..

The average person lives to around 80 Years of age.

If you multiply 80 x 52 (the number of weeks in a year) this equals 4000 Weeks.

You have 4000 weeks to make your mark on this planet.

If you are 40 now you only have 2000 weeks left. That’s only 38 more summers to spend with your kids, spouse, and experience the world…or what ever else you love doing.

When I was presented with this analogy 5 years ago, it freaked me out.

I wanted to do everything possible to buy back my time to do what I wanted.

Everything that was a time sucking vampire had to go so I could work on learning more about this internet thing and building an online income stream.

You may be working trading you time for cash in your PT business telling yourself you don’t have the time to do this with all your commitments. It’s really depends on how badly you want “it”. How badly do want to create another income stream. How badly do you want to replace your salary from your job so you can travel? Would you work weekends? Would you dedicate a few hours after coming home from the gym?.

The biggest time sucking vampire I drove a stake through was the Television. Get rid of the T.V and you automatically free up an extra 2-3 hours per day

If you want to finally learn how to escape the “Time-For-Money” click here.

Janak Patel

Co-founder – Digital Fitness Marketer