The #1 Secret to Online Business Success for PTs…by Janak Patel

Quit focusing on the HOW-TO and Focus on ‘this’ instead…to succeed.

It as 9am on a Tuesday and I was scratching my head trying to think of what I could send to you to help move you closer to setting up a profitable online business.

I was planning on shooting a video and walking you step by step through the entire process when it suddenly occurred to me…..

This was going to take lot of time! I would have had to create a script on what I wanted to teach you and I would have to be recorded…not to mention all the retakes and editing. It would have taken me hours!

How would I even know if you received the email,….it might end up in your spam box …or you could just delete it!

But here’s the biggest kick to the gut….what if you watched the video and didn’t do anything with the valuable information I gave you.

We’re all guilty of it! I’m sure you even have clients that you train that technically know everything you teach them….BUT they have a hard time getting themselves to do it.

I would have handed you the keys to freedom by giving a step-by-step guide on how to build an online business, and like a slap to the face, you may decide not to use the info and instead go back to doing what you’ve always done.

I thought to myself, my time is my most precious resource, why should I waste time doing this?

You see the “How To” is the easy part….I can show you that within a few hours….but the #1 Secret to online business success is The “Why To”

Why do you want to build an online business in the health and fitness industry?
What are YOUR real reasons and why?

Are you frustrated grinding it out day after day, working endless hours as a Personal Trainer or Fitness professional with little return?

Would you rather be home with your kids and loved ones?

Fed up with the early morning starts and the headache of having to continually find new clients to train?

Do you feel like life is passing you by and you haven’t even enjoyed the amazing experiences that the world has to offer?

You see I am going to be 37 this year. I love the beach and I love the summer. If the average person lives to 80, that would mean I have only 40 odd summers left in my lifetime…to me that’s freaking scary!

I don’t also know what could happen to tomorrow….Life can change in an instant.

My personal ‘WHY’ is making sure I don’t live what I call a ‘Photocopy Life’! This is where each day resembles the last.

I lived like that each day for years on end, especially in my 20’s while I was working way too hard. I decided to quit living like this.

Just the thought of a Photocopy Life gets me out of bed each morning!

Its makes me want to sit down at my computer and create the next marketing campaign for my business, which I can then automate to ‘buy’ me time off later on.

It gets me off my butt to learn the latest strategies in internet marketing to free up my time and sustain the unique lifestyle I have with my gorgeous wife Nalisha where we travel constantly and wake up in a new city (or  country) every few weeks!

10 years ago I was a full time employee doing mind numbing hours as an engineer, dealing with office politics and power tripping bosses….

Just the dreaded thought of going back to this and having to ask for permission to take a day off like a timid scared kid gets me working on my business each day.

In my opinion, knowing your “WHY” is the most important success tool you have for creating the life you truly desire.

Once you know your “WHY”….I will show you the “HOW”….

I will show you exactly how to creating a profitable online business (in the health and fitness field) that will replace your income so you can Live Anywhere and Work Anywhere you want.

So in this email I’ve given you small snapshot of my “Why”….

Now if you really want to be successful in this game I urge you to write down at least 10 Reasons in a journal on “WHY” you want to create an online business.

This could be the most important thing you do all week.

You need to list down your reasons “Why” you want to invest your time in creating a successful online business.

# 1 TIP – Your “Why” has to resonate with you at an emotional level, i.e get you excited and create an intense emotion.

No point in just saying ‘I want to increase my income…!’

Talk Soon