Do you remember all the Media Hype around Richard Branson when he wore a wedding dress to bring attention to one of his new business ventures?

It made headlines and gave him BUCKET-LOADS of FREE Publicity!

He’s a Smart Guy….

Today I want to share with the power of free Media and Publicity so you too can benefit….you could even steal the idea!

My wife Nalisha is a MASTER at getting free Media Exposure for our businesses.

About 9 years back, when she had been in business for only one year, she managed to convince the Editor of a Leading Magazine (NEXT magazine) to have Nalisha Personal Train her, and then have her results printed in the magazine.

Nalisha took this Editor (Susannah Walker) through 12 weeks of personal training, and got Susannah phenomenal results!

Come print time, Nalisha was featured in a 6-page glossy spread in NEXT’s nationwide magazine!

(Email us at info@nalishapatel.com and we’ll send you a copy of the article)

Nalisha’s website details alongside the diary of Susannah’s experience and her amazing ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures were featured.

A paid-for spread like this would have easily cost ten’s of thousands of dollars as it ran over 6 pages…BUT all it cost Nalisha was 12 hours of her time, spread over 12 weeks.

That magazine feature EXPLODED Nalisha’s business at the time, taking her from a 2-man operation based in Auckland, to a 10 people team of trainers, all across the country in a matter of weeks.

Go the power of the media!

So what does this have to do with you?

Well, you need to get savvier at working the media for free exposure for your Personal Training Business.

It’s an important skill to have for RAPID growth and it will literally save you thousands of dollars, money you may not even have had in the first place.

ONE Simple Step for getting started with the Media (taught by Nalisha):

  1. Know what makes you different and have an ‘angle’ or pitch for your business that would be of benefit for your target audience (Ie. Personal Trainer trains people who hate gyms, in their own homes – this was different at the time).

More tips will come in the next blog…

For more details and advanced strategies for:

  • Getting the Media to contact YOU, not the other way around,
  • Having popular magazines, websites and even TV shows profile YOU,
  • Becoming an “Expert” columnist or adviser in leading publication to get new customers, and also
  • Getting FREE ads in magazines, websites or publications worth thousands of dollars…

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Nalisha Patel