janak_profileAfter 4 long months, the day had finally arrived.

We had been counting down the days before the magazine finally hit the news stands.

Little did we know what devastation this one simple marketing strategy would cause to our  fitness business.

Back in 2006 Nalisha designed this crazy marketing strategy. We had no idea that it would generate over 257 clients in as little as 90 days.

Copy the jaw-dropping power of this strategy at your own risk in your fitness business. I’ve also included a link to the actual strategy for you to download and copy.

BUT…If you Do NOT have the systems in place to handle this client surge…forget about it!

In the upcoming emails I will be showing you exactly how to automate the 3 crucial parts of your fitness business to handle this kind of client surge so stay tuned.
Hint: The number 1 thing you need to automate is Program Delivery.(I will show you how to do this later)

Think about it.

If tomorrow you had 257 new clients banging on your door literally demanding to have you train them what would you do?
Most Personal Trainers would crawl up into a ball on the floor.

This is why there is a fundamental flaw in the traditional personal training business model.

All the so called marketing BS gurus are trying to sell you information on how to get new clients but there is no point in trying to get new clients as your personal income is limited by the number of clients you can train in any given day.
When Nalisha used this strategy our business turn into a heap of stress and chaos forcing us to shut it down.

So here it is Step By Step….

Step 1: Go to your local online magazine retailer or book shop. Identify a target market or group of people who you feel comfortable training. For example if your main target market is women over 40, find all the woman’s magazines and any publication that target this specific group of people.
Our target market were women over 35 who had a large discretionary income.

Step 2: Design a 90 Day fitness program customised to this market. For example if you know how to get pregnant women into shape design a program based around this market. Set it up like the usual 8-12 week challenge style of program. Call it something catchy.
Nalisha named her program the 12 week Get-the-body-you-desire challenge. ( It had a mass market appeal)

Step 3: Approach the editor of each of these magazines and let them know you have a fantastic idea for a story. Tell them you will train one their readers (who may be struggling with their weight) for free over 8-12 weeks on your revolutionary new program.

Over the 12 weeks the client will document there progress step by step in diary format that the magazine will publish in there magazine. You need to come at it from a point of view that you want to inspire their readers so that they too can lose weight.
It’s all about benefiting their readers.

Step 4: Some editors may contact you, but most wont. You need to follow up continuously until you get a yes or a no answer. They may contact you and offer a few alternative suggestions.
In exchange for this you need to at least get your website addressed published within the article.

We’ve variations of  the same strategy on several occasions now that we’ve redesigned our business to be infinitely scalable.
Imagine getting over 500 new clients EVERY MONTH! (I will be showing you how we do this over the next few weeks)

When Nalisha used this marketing strategy the first time the editor one of Australasia’s leading national women’s magazine offered to be the client herself.
If you want to check out the actual magazine piece click here.

But let me repeat this again…do not use this strategy unless you have the right automated systems in place for delivering your programs!
Stay tuned for my next email where I share with the No.1 rule that you must apply to your fitness business before using this crazy marketing strategy.

Dream Big

Talk soon

PS: Click here to download a copy of the actual magazine piece that created 257 new clients in just 90 days.