It was 8.27 am and cold outside.

Even getting home unexpectedly early, I was still frustrated and angry.

I storm into the office and literally blow up in frustration at my poor husband, Janak.

“I can’t believe my client didn’t show up on time AGAIN! I drove all the way there and she called me ten minutes into our scheduled session, to tell me she can’t make it today. I hate this stupid business!”

Being a fitness professional is a tough business, as I am sure you can relate!

We have to put up with inconsistent income, crappy working hours, difficult clients who blame us if we don’t get them results, gyms who usually take over half our pay in rent, and not to mention living in constant fear of other trainers stealing our hard earned clients or clients ditching us for another trainer just like that.

By the way…over the next several weeks, I’m going to share with you how we overcame all these problems in our own fitness business, so you can too!

If you are struggling in your fitness business or have just gotten bored training clients day after day, then know there is a solution.

I’m going to share with you exactly how to 10x your fitness business and take it to the next level, without having to take on MORE clients or MORE stress!

BUT…first you need to start thinking differently about how you currently operate your business.

You see, most personal trainers are stuck in what I call the Time-For-Money Trap.

This means that your income is limited by the amount of clients you can time to train each day/week/month etc.

This is the biggest fundamental flaw in the traditional personal training business model and no one tells you about it when you decide on this career path!

I discovered early on that there is no leverage working as a personal trainer, which is why many of us can struggle.

The solution isn’t about hiring other trainers to work for you or even running group training sessions and boot camps either to bring in more income.

These are what I call the Slow-Track tactics of leveraging your business and can quickly become a pain in the ass!

What I’m about to share with you over the next few weeks is a Fast-Track method of taking your business to another level, without driving yourself batty in the meantime….

I’m going to show you how to use technology to infinitely scale your business for unlimited perpetual growth!

Just IMAGINE your life if you:

• Never worry about inconsistent income ever again.
• Never have to deal with difficult clients.
• Have the ability to make as much income as you want in your business.
• Have your fitness business running on Autopilot, without any employees.
• Never have to personally train another client ever again (only if you want too!)
• Never have to pay a single cent to your Gym ever again.

These are big promises, and I’m guessing you will be kind of skeptical; after all we’ve just recently met and you don’t know a thing about who I am!

This is why I’m going to end this email with a link to an interview. We were recently featured on The Huffington Post.

If you want to 10 X your business you first need to design your life exactly as you want it…starting in your mind’s eye.This interview reveals more.
The interview also shares with you the life my husband and I now have, all after we implemented a new strategy, which I will be sharing with over the coming weeks.
Watch out for my next email….it will literally save you thousands of dollars in your business by just following one simple rule!
Have a great week!
Nalisha Patel
PS: Check out what is possible – Our Huffington Post Interview here showing how we now live after ditching the old way of PT’ing: