Define your ‘Why’ to Conquer Any How


Getting healthier doesn’t need to be complicated.

We all know we should move our bodies more and consume less food to start seeing changes in our shape and health.

The biggest challenge we face isn’t in not knowing what to do; it is the wanting to do it or the “why” to stick at it long term!

Many books are out there on how to eat right and how to exercise. We have at our fingertips more information on health, fitness and wellbeing than any other time, yet we are expanding as a society and getting fatter and unhealthier.

No doubt you have read other “diet” books before, optimistic that it contains the answers to your problems and will help change you forever.

But then what happened?

Most people get pumped up eager to change….. and then go back to doing what they have always done. Its too easy!

There is a better way. The answer lies with determining what “triggers” work for you to make you want to lead a healthier lifestyle.

First figure out your WHY, Making it Easier to Do the WHAT!

Are you always starting an exercise program, or clean eating plan and then falling to the wayside a little down the track?

Does Procrastination strike you at the very time you intended to go exercise, or prepare a healthy meal?

If so, kill failure and procrastination by first defining your WHY.

Pick a goal that has been challenging; i.e. eating clean and exercising for at least 12 weeks to begin with.

Start by answering these questions:

Why is this goal important to me?

Why do I want to succeed at this goal?

Why do you I need to achieve this goal?

Also ask:

How will this goal benefit me by achieving it?

How will I feel when I reach this goal?

Ensure that each of your answers evokes STRONG emotion.

Write out a summary version of your answers to the above questions and read them DAILY.

Better yet, do what I do; I created a jpeg of my main goals and their emotional benefits, alongside images that correspond those goals.

THEN, use this jpeg as your laptop’s/iPhone’s desktop/Homepage picture to have a visual reminder of your ‘WHY’ starting you in the face day-to-day!

Love to hear how you get on.