STEP 1: Compile your information on a word document.
As Entrepreneurs we have a ton of information in our heads that can help others enormously.Most of the time, we eagerly offer this information FREE to potential customers or talk about our area of expertise with abandon to existing ones.

To ourselves, our knowledge almost sounds like common sense!
Don’t discount yourself and your worth.Start thinking about how you can charge for all your much-needed advice and knowledge.

What you have to realize is that you know valuable information that others want to know.Not everyone knows what you do, so the fact that you can compile all your information into a handy little ebook is very valuable.

You have created value out of “thin air”.

Whoever purchases your book no longer has to sort through thousands of contradictory pages on Google for these specific tips.

So get all these tips down on word today!
STEP 2: Come up with no-frills but catchy title & cover
It’s essential you have a great title, as it will essentially sell your book for you.
You could call your book:
“77 deceivingly simple tips to xyz” or
“xyz Hacks to (benefit to them) or
“7 sure-fire ways to xyz”.
You get the idea….
Find someone to create your cover.
You can hire someone off a site like for under $20 if you desire!
STEP 3: Sell Your Book
Here’s where a lot of Entrepreneurs get stumped; marketing their products and services.
What I have found is that the easiest sale is made with your past and present clients.
These people already trust you, so offer your new ebook to them first.
Send out an email to all your past and present clients letting them know of your new ebook and what it will do for them.
I guarantee you will make a few sales!
So here’s your challenge for the week….get your first ebook written and let me know how you get on.